COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Validate Your Information

To serve you better,please enter the information below to validate your record with us.

  • Confirmation Number: This is the number you were provided when you submitted your pre-application. Alternatively, you should have received this number by E-Mail and will starts with NJV, NJE, NJI, or NJS.
  • Personal ID:  Will be the first two letter of the first name on your referral letter, first two letters of last name on your referral letter and zip code of property on your referral
    Example:  if the name on referral is “NAME LAST” and the address zip code is 00878 you will enter NALA00878 as your Personal Identification
    • If your referral letter does not include a zip code, then use your birth year
      • Example:  if the name on referral is “NAME LAST” and your birth year is 1985,  you will enter NALA1985 as your Personal Identification

Using your date of birth



Using your zip code

Need Help?

You can contact our Client Call Center at 609-490-4550